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Patty Runner CSAMP, CVT      

license: 15-00011576

Pet Care Rates:


Overnight Pet Sitting

Overnight pet sitting costs $65 per night, based on a maximum of 12 hours spent at your home, per day. The first check-in of the day will take place between 4PM and 6PM. At this time, your pet will get a walk, play time, and dinner, after which I will leave, and return by 9PM for the evening stay.

In the morning, your pet will get a walk, breakfast, and play time, after which I will leave for the day, returning for the evening check-in between 4PM and 6PM.

Additional mid-day visits are available at a charge of $20 each. If this is needed, it should be requested at the time of booking for scheduling purposes.

Additional services (no extra charge):
mail pickup, poop scooping, accident clean-up, watering plants, putting out trash, and all of the loving care your pet needs while you're away.

Please let your veterinarian know you will be away, and that I have the authority to make medical decisions for your pet, if required, while you are away. Your veterinarian may require you to provide this notice in writing.

Sub-Q fluid Administration:$15

Dog Walking:


Additional Services: $15/hr + $0.50/mile for transportation services

* Mileage is calculated from pickup point to destination, and back

Licensed and Insured

Cell phone: 503 706 4119

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