Paws of Tranquility Animal Care, LLC


Patty Runner CSAMP, CVT      

license: 15-00011576

I would like to take this opportunity to thank-you for a wonderful service you provide for animals. I initially brought my cats for massage and found out how detailed your work was with each one of them. Your written reports on tender spots and to the detail on how they reacted helped to identify areas that might have discomfort for each them. You helped to calm them with massage and that was wonderful to see since a house full of cats can be stressful to both human and animal. As time went on, you came to the house helped greatly to relieve the stress of a carrier and transportation. You were able to work on all cats in their personal comfort area and also were helpful to reduce the time needed to come into the office. I highly recommend your services. I personally will pass along your service to the volunteers who have service animals that work in stressful and tiring occupations. I really feel your service with pet owners and service groups including police dogs would benefit greatly. Thank-you again for your passion and care. - Harold W.

As a Veterinarian, I tend to be cautious about who takes care of my pets when I'm away. Patty treats dogs as if they are her own and provides outstanding care with a loving touch. When she stops in at the clinic to visit, dogs remember her and get very excited when they see her. They totally trust and feel comfortable with her. My dog will hop right in the car with her. Patty is also a Small Animal Massage Therapist and has worked with me at the hospital providing pain relief and relaxation to patients before receiving their acupuncture treatments. I'd recommend her in a heartbeat. - Dr. Chuck, DVM

Patty worked for me for several years as a veterinary technician. She is extremely conscientious. She obviously cares about the animals she helps, and can be trusted with your furry family member. - David H.

GREAT pet sitter! Patty was willing to take on a job for my cats and crazy rambunctious dogs last minute. One of my dogs can be a little skittish with people coming in the home and he warmed right up to her (she told me she had some tricks up her sleeve and she was right!). Patty was very respectful of our home and all my pets were loved and well taken care of. - Maria

I have two long hair dachshunds who require a lot upkeep. I hired Patty upon my mother's referral. Patty is amazing. On a monthly basis she expresses anal glands, trims the fur between their toes, grinds their nails, bathes and blows them dry. Not a piece of matted fur gets by her. One of my pups was deathly afraid of nail trims. He has super sensitive feet plus the vet tech had cut him a couple of times. It took Patty some time and a lot of patience but she will not be put off. Now Val is much more trusting and accepting. I like that she uses a small grinder rather than clippers. She is affordable, kind, patient, loves animals and the best part, she comes to your home. No more loading the dogs in the car, then driving to the clinic, plus I get to see exactly what she is doing. I highly recommend her services. - Claudia

Patty (and her business, Paws of Tranquility Animal Care LLC) is fantastic. For a very reasonable charge, she came to my house twice a day to feed and medicate my two cats so that I could have a few days out of town. She also fed some stray cats that come here for breakfast every morning. What a relief to me, knowing that I can be away with minimal stress to the felines! Much better than boarding them.

I also watched her help a neighbor re-capture a joyfully obstreperous dog who had slipped its leash. She was patient, persistent, strong, fast, and very savvy with the dog, and with the owner.

I'm happy to have her available for my future travels, and to recommend her to friends. - Denise S.

I can't say enough good things about Patty Runner and the services she provides through Paws of Tranquility Animal Care. Her in-home massage has done wonders for my two senior pooches in aiding their mobility. Clearly, she knows what she is doing, understands their needs, and gently applies her skills. My dogs love it! And it is obvious that Patty loves her work. It shows in the caring way she relates to them.

On numerous occasion, when I have been out of town, and she has stayed with them overnight, it's been great knowing I am leaving them in such good hands. Her fees are quite reasonable, and I find her to be completely trustworthy. She is simply the best! - Janet S.